ChatBot for Restaurants

Users spend more time in messaging apps than they do on websites or any other mobile app. Having a chatbot can help your business use this potential to grow your business and get to where your customers are. FoodBot makes it easy for customers to order food from you, directly with your own food order chatbot on Facebook Messenger.

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Browse categories

The user can view each of the categories in the digital menu of the restaurant

Additional information

Each product has additional information about weight, composition, allergens, etc

Adding more than 1 product in cart

The chatbot calculates the total value of all added products and can be easily edited

Most popular products suggestions

The chatbot helps the customers to make the right choice of food.

Bonus system

The bonus system turns every satisfied customer into an advertising channel. He can send the menu to his friends and earn bonuses for each new user he brings


The chatbot understands when someone asks about the address, opening hours, delivery or other issues. Thus, human interference in the conversation is only in rare cases

food ordering system

System for receiving and processing orders from the Chatbot.

We have developed a fully functional admin panel for restaurants that accept orders via FoodBot. In it, you can see detailed statistics about orders and users, as well as make additional settings. The system allows you to create a digital menu in which to upload and edit all the products offered by the restaurant. For restaurants that have their own order management system, integration with them is also possible.

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